choose your fate

there's a place where you can air your brain
beauty sky by sun and by rain
it's my playground that i enjoy
like the american boy (start it)

feel your blood in your veins
the city will free you like no other
what glows
now goes up in flames
go tell your sister and brother

so what's up?
we'll do it well
warming where could curtain fell
find a pearl
kept in a shell
and choose your fate

this song ain't over yet
oh no ain't over, yet
this song ain't over yet
over yet

there are rabbits in the park
pirates in the senate
friendly strangers in the dark
and nothing makes it panic
you don't need money to get fame
you'd always find your shape
the roads are oh so spacious
people not nice but straight

choose your fate
choose your fate

hey, what's up?
this city is so beautiful
and lets you be the best one that you are

this song is over, yet
is over, yet
oh no this song is over, yet
over, yet